• The Aberdeen Education Association and the District were able to bargain some much-needed professional development days to be completed by June 1, 2023.  


    What does this mean for all certificated staff?


    It means we have three remaining professional development days for you to engage in learning activities.


    Here is an outline of the remaining three professional learning days:


    1. Already scheduled February 21, 2023 Professional Development Day –
      1. This day will remain the same.  It will be in person on February 21 from 8:00 – 3:30 pm.  Location TBD


    1. State-Mandated Social-Emotional Learning Professional Learning Day –
      1. This will work similar to the Equity training last year.  As soon as we find an SEL course online, staff will be able to sign up and work through a self-paced PD course.  When you have completed the 7.5 hours of this training, you will fill out a timesheet and turn it into your office coordinator.  This is a state – mandated training this year.  This work needs to be completed outside your regular school day.


    1. Self-Selected Professional Development Day –
      1. A calendar of professional development opportunities is being developed.  From this calendar, you will be able to self-select sessions to attend.  You will need to register for each session you wish to attend by clicking on the registration link.  You will need to sign in and out each time you attend a session.
      2. You will keep track of the hours you attend sessions on the Professional Development Documentation sheet.  As soon as you have documented 7.5 hours, you will give this sheet and a timesheet that has been filled out, to your office coordinator.  These 7.5 hours need to be completed outside your regular school day.
      3. If you have ideas for sessions that you are interested in attending, please let your building principal know.
      4. We are going to be using the Professional Development survey from last spring to create sessions for the calendar.


    We are excited to be able and offer some learning experiences for all to continue learning and growing.