I will post information as I get it!

    Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA)

    Opens December 1st this year instead of October 1st. Click Here

    We will have a Financial Aid Night at Harbor High on January 11th. It will be from 6-8 in room 19. 

    To learn how to create an FSA ID (You will need to do this at least a week before Financial Aid Night), follow the instructions I have created for you. Click Here

    Grays Harbor Community Foundation

    This application is due March 1st by 5:00 pm. Lots of local students are awarded this scholarship. It renews for 4 years as long as you fill out the paperwork for renewal. I'll post the link as soon as it opens. Click Here

    Kelsey Foundation

    This is a paper application, not done online. I will have copies in my office on March 1st. They are due by March 31st. Lots of local students are awarded this scholarship. 

    Grays Harbor College Foundation

    When you apply for the General Scholarship, your application is submitted for many different scholarships. There are more specific scholarships that you can apply for also. For example, if you are going into construction, you may need to apply for the Tools Scholarship. Click on the scholarship you are applying for to find out the dates that the scholarships open and when they close. Click Here  

    Grays Harbor County Fair Application

    This application is local. You have two options for filling it out; 1. Print it, complete it, and then either scan it (I can help with that) or mail it back or 2. Make a copy of the Google Doc, fill it out and then submit it via email. The due date is May 3rd. Read the description to decide if you qualify. Then Click Here to access the application. 

    The Gates Scholarship

    Check out the information about the Gates Scholarship. Read who qualifies and then you can apply. It is currently OPEN.  Click Here

    The Ewing C. Kelly Scholarship

    Read the information to see if you qualify. Link to their flyer - Click Here. The application can be downloaded and handwritten or there is a fillable form. You need to read the entire letter first because there are other documents that are required. Download and handwrite Click Here Fillable Form Click Here

    Scholarship Newsletter

    This newsletter has 5 scholarships with deadlines in the upcoming months. The deadlines are between October and January. Click Here

    Student Scholarships

    Lots of scholarships are added each month. Make sure you are checking this out on a regular basis. Click Here

    Big Future College Board

    Sign up for nationwide scholarships. You can create an account and see all open scholarships. You will need to put in lots of information about yourself so that the program can match you to scholarships that fit your circumstances. Click Here

    Going Merry

    This site has tons of nationwide scholarships. You can create an account and they will match you with available scholarships, just like the Big Future College Board. Click Here


    WashBoard connects students of all types with Washington scholarship providers. You create a profile with your information. Click Here

    Scholarship Junkies

    This site provides a list of lots of scholarships. You can look through it to see if there are any you are interested in. Click Here


    Another matching site!! Start an account, put in your information and they will match you with scholarships you qualify for. Click Here

    College Success Foundation

    This site has lots of resources; scholarships, loans, grants, etc. They also have information in Spanish. Check it out and learn more about paying for college. Click Here

    Foundation 649

    Please click on the following link to see if you qualify. The focus is on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who are actively elevating and serving their communities. The deadline is March 1. Click Here