• AHS Athletics...116 years strong
    In the fall of 1905, Aberdeen High trotted out one of the first high school football teams in the state. The following year, Aberdeen and Hoquiam would both field teams and play the first Aberdeen-Hoquiam game, and the oldest prep rivalry in the state began. Over the years, AHS has broadened the number of sports offerings to keep pace with the rest of the state. 
    Today, AHS offers 19 sports programs, spanning the length of the school year.
    To Participate In Sports:
    •  Every athlete must complete all of the AHS Sport Paperwork which consists of the following forms:

      (1) Valid Sport Physical (physicals are good for two years);
      (2) Co-curricular Folder with Contract and Insurance information;
      (3) A "blue card" of medical information that will be with the coach during practices and contests;
      (4) A signed "Inherent risk form" (specific to each sport);
      (5) A signed Concussion Management sheet;

      (6) A signed Cardiac Arrest Sheet;
      (7) A completed Computer Impact Test given at the school (scheduled prior to each sports season) for all Freshman, Juniors, and new student/athletes.  

      All of these forms are available in the AHS office.
    • All students participating in activities or athletics must have some form of insurance coverage. If your family is currently in between insurance providers, the school has access to low cost student insurance.  Information and forms are available in the office.
    • To encourage students to focus on academics, the Aberdeen School District and the WIAA require students to be passing all of their classes and have a grade point average of a 2.00 or higher to compete. If a student is either failing a class, or below a 2.00 GPA, then they will be placed on academic probation and they will be required to attend Study Table a minimum of 2 days per week to be eligible for competition. If students are failing more than 1 class, they will be placed on academic suspension and may not compete until they have met standards or at least met the requirements for academic probation (all study table requirements apply) before they will be eligible to complete. *For initial eligibility, those students on academic suspension are ineligible until the first official grades are posted (approximately 6 weeks) during their sports season.
    • All participants must purchase a valid ASB card for $40 prior to their season (fall athletes may start their season before these are sold, but are expected to purchase them as soon as they are available. ASB cards are purchased from the Comptroller in the AHS office.
    • All participants must clear any fines they have accrued prior to their season. Failure to do so may mean that particpation in contests could be affected.
    Schedules and Rescheduling:
    Schedules can be picked up in the main office, but due to rescheduling, which occurs for various reasons, the most up to date way of getting a schedule is to look at our calendar, and/or check in your child's sport on this webpage.
    Contacting Us:
    Should you need to talk to someone in the Athletic Department here is our contact information:

    Athletic Director
     John Crabb
    Athletic Secretary
     Laura Sanz
    Online Schedules can be found at either of two different places: the first is here in the appropriate sports section of the webpage, the second is at the Evergreen conference page link found on the AHS website under the Athletics drop down menu by sports season.