• In Kindergarten student's will have homework most nights. Homework will be in your child's folder. Please check this nightly. Notes and correspondence will be sent in the folder. It is a very important part of learning to be responsible in Kindergarten. Homework is a great way to be involved in your child's learning. Often times if your child is struggling with homework at home he or she is struggling in school. Most of the time the homework will be as follows:
    Literacy homework: (Monday-Wednesday) This will come home on Monday and has a place for you to sign at the top. You will need to sign each day you do homework. Literacy homework includes all of the key concepts that will be taught during the week. It should be a quick preview or review of what is coming for the week.
    Math homework: This will come home when new concepts are taught. The students homework looks very similar to their class work. Please guide your child as they do this so you can see how they work.