• Homework is a vital part of your child's school experience.  I greatly appreciate your time and effort to help your child be successful in school.  Homework will be in your child's Robert Gray Homework folder.  Please check this nightly.  Notes and correspondence from the office will be in this folder too, as well as notes and information from me.  The folder is also a great way for us to stay in touch.  You can send me a note with questions or concerns, I will get back to you as soon as I can.  You can communicate changes in your child's  going home routine or any other information that I may need to know.   If you have a question about homework or anything--let me know please!  


    The following activities are encouraged during School Closure:

    1.Imagine Learning -app.imaginelearning.com

    2.Imagine Math-math.imaginelearning.com


    4.Superkids Online Fun (click on teacher name, the passcode is 123456, click on student name and then their special picture

    5. Superkids Portal-this gives you access to the reading materials and practice pages for the week.  I will update the content you can asscess weekly.  These activities will require you to guide and work with your child.  Superkids online fun is more of an independent activity for the kids.  (An invite to the portal was sent to you in March and in April--if you need me to invite you again, let me know--it will be sent to your email)

    6.  Learning packets can be printed off the ASD Website or my page or picked up at lunch sites from 10 to 12 daily.  

    Reminder:  you don't have to do it all!!!!  Make choices and do what works best for you and your child!  Thank you for your continued involvement in your child's progress!