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    Mrs. Hatton
    4th/5th Grade
     I will be checking email Monday-Thursday between 8-3.  Our Zoom time will be Thursdays at 11 for all my students.  4th Grade Math Zoom Monday at 2:30 and 5th Grade Math Zoom Mondays at 3:00. I will send all students a private invite link to their email. Click here for info on how to ZOOM or watch this short Zoom Movie
    Activities Week 5/15
    4th Videos/Charts/Games in Google Classroom
    W1, W2, W3 too easy? try 5th grades ixl AA1, AA2, AA3
    Tangram Games

     5th Videos/Charts/Games in Google Classroom
    5th ixl AA1, AA2, AA3 challenge 6th grade ixl CC1
    Tangram Games
    -Bill Nye Rock Cycle
    -Rock Cycle Kahoot

    4th and 5th
    None this Week

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    in the Read/Math/Science Class
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    I am in my 22nd year of teaching for the Aberdeen School District.  I graduated from Ocosta Senior High School then went off to Shoreline Community College in North Seattle to play volleyball and further my education. I graduated from Shoreline Community College with an AA and AAS degree.  I then continued my education at St. Martin's University where I received my BA degree and teacher certification.  As I have been teaching, I have continued to further my education by becoming a National Board Certified Teacher. This year I will be teaching 4th/5th Grade.  In my spare time I enjoy reading, running, hiking, and spending time with my family: Lonny, Kennedy and Kaila.