Having a radio station provides many opportunities for the staff and students, but it also provides the members of the community the opportunity to join in on the excitement. We are a non-commercial radio station and with that, we cannot offer advertising to our customers. Instead we offer underwriting to our sponsors.

    What is "underwriting?" Underwriting is just like a commerical without a call for action. Rich Hartman from "FIVE STAR MOTORS" has been instrumental in working with us on developing a style that we hope works for you. Since March of 2005 the KAHS has featured FIVE STAR MOTORS in underwriting spots that focuses on community development. In other words, "what your company gives back to the community."

    We Currently Offer the Following Plans:


    Our premium plan is $200 per month, where you have the opportunity to sponsor one of our hourly programs. Hourly programs broadcast every hour giving you 24 spots a day! Current hourly programs are:

    "Hot Shots"

    The newest of the new! Hot off the press! Two in a row that are feautured back to back at the first part of the hour.

    "Local Artists"

    The best that Grays Harbor has to offer in original music performed by bands that either call Grays Harbor home, or have a great local following.

    "Monster Block"

    Two in a row that will melt your ears! This is the heaviest hitting music that's played on the harbor bar none! Due to limited availability, premium plans can also be created or catered for your individual needs.


    Our deluxe plan is $50 per month giving your business a public service announcement underwriting spots. These will be aired like a commercial, without a call for the audience's action. They run beween 2 to 8 times throughout the day on a rotational basis.


    Our budget plan is only $25 per month which will give you "shout outs" on a rotational basis throughout the day. Example; "programming this hour brought to you in part by a grant from ________."

Last Modified on June 10, 2010