• English—Mr. Dore



    • Get to know and respect each other—An emphasis will be placed on building a sense of community within the classroom.
    • Enhance reading, writing, and communication skills.
    • Promote critical thinking skills i.e. (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation skills).
    • Ensure students are actively involved in the process of meaning and knowledge construction rather than passively receiving information.
    • Change the average high school student’s perception of English.
    • Have fun!


    Materials Needed (These must be brought to class every day):

    1. Pen or pencil

    2. A paper supply-notebook or loose leaf (trapper keeper?)

    3. Something to store papers in (folder with pockets/trapper keeper)

    4. AR reading books


      Video Materials: You Tube Videos and Movies will be occasionally used to aid in instruction. Movies may at times contain PG or PG-13 level content. If you feel this level of content is inappropriate please contact me via e-mail and I will give your student an alternative assignment on these days. Unfortunately, it is increasingly difficult to find relevant G-Rated movies to show in class.



      Regular attendance in an English class is essential. It can be very difficult to “catch-up” to the class if you are absent often. I realize that absences are sometimes unavoidable. I ask that you do the following when you miss class:

    • Come see me before or after school or during advisory for a few minutes on the day you return to get the work missed (It is the student’s job to find out what he/she missed while absent).

    • If you ever need extra help simply ask and I will work with you before or after school.

    • Finish your make-up work and get it to me in a timely fashion (you have one day for each day missed, an exception may be made for an exam). No late work accepted!

    • Remember, if you have more than 10 absences, you cannot pass the class without making up these absences.









      Your quarter grade will be determined in the following way:


      80% Daily Work/Tests and Quizzes


      10% AR Reading/Outside Class Novels


      10% Attitude/Participation: Your ability to interact positively with your instructor and classmates without creating distractions helps promote a viable academic environment and is highly valued as these qualities are imperative to your success in the “Real World.”



      Letter grade equivalents:

      A         93-100                         Ct        77-79

      A-        90-92                           C         73-76

      Bt        87-89                           C-        70-72

      B         83-86                           Dt        67-69

      B-        80-82                           D         60-66




      Classroom Rules



      Respect my responsibility to teach each class to the best of my abilities, as well as your fellow student’s right to learn. While I have minimal classroom rules, the ones listed below are important.

    1. No talking when either the teacher or another student has the floor.
    2. Show respect toward each individual in the classroom.
    3. Come to class prepared to learn each day.
    4. Homework must be completed by the start of class.



    If any individual student chooses to continually distract and fails to follow our classroom rules, he/she will be removed from class. As an instructor, I do not want to continually address disciplinary issues and in essence take time away from students who come prepared to learn.



    My email address is: jdore@asd5.org



    Thank you for your time----Jason Dore