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    Mrs. Furth’s Classroom Expectations 2019-20

    1. To enter Mrs. Furth’s classroom:
    • Voice/Manner is quiet and calm upon entering the classroom.
    • No running around and using unsafe behavior.
    • Have classroom supplies/binder ready to go before the bell rings: pencils sharpened, notebook paper, library book, journal, etc.
    • Check document camera/whiteboard for directions and/or entry task.
    • Gum and Water are permitted as long as I don't hear it or see it. If it becomes a problem I will ask you not to have it in my room.

    2. To Come to Attention:
    • When the bell rings.
    • When Mrs. Furth has asked for your attention and you’re in an assigned seat with your voice off.
    • When someone is speaking, your voice is off and eyes are on the speaker.
    • When Mrs. Furth asks for you to give her 5 with her hand up.
    3. Leaving your Seat:
    • Raise your hand and ask permission.
    • If it’s a cooperative class project or assignment that allows you up and about the room, it’s okay.
    • If Mrs. Furth’s teaching, do not get up, ask to leave the room, or sharpen your pencil. (Your pencils should’ve been sharpened before class.)

    4. To Make Comments or Ask Questions:
    • Raise your hand and no blurting out.
    • Use self-control and wait patiently to be called on.
    • Be sure you are polite and careful not to hurt someone’s feelings.
    • Try to debate someone’s opposing viewpoint in a civil manner.
    • Make sure your questions or comments are relevant to the discussion.
    5. Returning from an Absence:
    • Talk to a classmate about missed assignments.
    • See Mrs. Furth before/after school or during a time when Mrs. Furth is not busy teaching.  
    • Make-up tests are taken before, after school, or at another convenient time determined by Mrs. Furth when current lessons have been completed.

    6. To use a Hall or Restroom/Drink Pass:
    • Ask Mrs. Furth for permission when she’s not teaching the class.
    You have to be in class for at least 10 minutes before you are allowed to leave and at teacher’s discretion, and may not leave during the last 10 minutes of the class period.
    • Sign-out on the classroom clipboard for the restroom with date, name, and time out. When you return to class, write in the blank the time back in. Use your monthly pass given to you by Mrs.    Furth.  You get (4) opportunities to use the restroom in one month.  Don't lose them, and write your name in ink on them.
    • Ask Mrs. Furth for one of her Destination Hall Passes to fill-out on her desk for other areas that are not for a restroom/drink.

    7. End of the Period/Class Dismissal:
    • Listen to Mrs. Furth’s final directions.
    • Clean-up area around your desk, and returned borrowed supplies.
    • The teacher dismisses you, not the bell.

    8. Emergency Alerts/and Drills:
    • All drills or real emergencies students are to listen to the adults in charge, stay calm and quiet, and walkout using the evacuation route posted on the wall by the door. Grab Mrs. Furth's clipboard and emergency bucket (located by the door on the shelf), turn off the lights, and shut the door.
    • Meet in the discussed area out by the track fence in a single file line next to Mr. Williamson's class.
    • Stay with our class and no fooling around during the drills.
    9. Behavior towards substitute/guest teachers:
    • You are respectful and cooperative at all times throughout the period.
    • No one leaves the classroom when there is a sub. (Get your drinks and restroom completed before coming into the classroom.)
    • The substitute is in charge, not the student.
    • If I cooperate for the substitute teacher, I will get rewarded in some special way.

    10. To earn time after class, call home or an office referral:
    • If you disrupt the learning and teaching within the classroom the following may occur: The 1st warning will be time after class with a brief lecture from Mrs. Furth regarding your behavior with documentation of the offense.  The 2nd-3rd time will result in a phone call home, an office referral, and sometimes one of these or both of these depending on the circumstance.
    • If you come to class with an unexcused tardy you will owe me one minute after class for each minute tardy.
    • If you don’t come prepared to learn or have a bad attitude, such as wanting to sleep, argue, fight, and use foul language towards teacher and others. (No bullying, intimidation, or harassment allowed.)
    • If you use electronics not specified within the classroom. (See school handbook) Chromebooks are down unless Mrs. Furth says you can use them. NO GAMING!  Remember, your phone is turned off after 7:50 A.M. and not permitted to be used in the hallways, bathrooms, or the classroom. The phone is turned off and hidden away in binder or locker.

    11. To “Not” receive a referral to the office or time after class:
    • Come to class and get about the business of learning.
    • Show Respect, Responsibility, and Rigor in all you do at MJH.
    • Don’t do anything listed in #10.
    12. To do well on assignments all year:
    • Follow directions, pay attention, and ask questions.
    • Try your best.
    • Study and apply yourself putting forth your best effort.
    • Have a positive attitude.
    • Put your name and head all your assignments properly so you get the credit you deserve for your efforts.
    • Turn in all assignments in the time specified by the teacher.
    • Keep up with all assignments and see Mrs. Furth when you need extra help before or after school.
    • Sign up for the Miller After School Program to help keep caught up with all of your classwork. 

    13. To have a successful school year:
    • Be organized.
    • Be on time to class. Try not to miss too many days of school. Try to make appointments for the end of the day or before school.
    • Making appropriate choices with your education and behavior at MJH.
    • Get plenty of rest.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask for help with anything. Remember, Mrs. Furth is here to protect and educate you.
    • Be a leader, not a follower.