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     Welcome to 8th grade Algebra – a High School level class.  I hope you are very proud and excited to be in this class.  I am excited to bring Algebra alive to you.  Students that successfully complete the class will earn one high school credit.

     Major Topics To Be Covered

    Linear Equations/Inequalities


    Systems of Equations


    Operations on Polynomials (including factoring)

    Quadratic Equations



    At Miller Junior High we use a uniform grading scale.  Please refer to the Student Handbook online for the percentage breakdown and range for letter grades.       

     Tests                                       60%

     Quizzes                                  20%

     Assignments/Practice           20%

    • Tests will be given at the end of each chapter as well as a final comprehensive test at the end of each trimester. Quizzes will be given as needed.  Students are allowed one test retake per trimester.  
      • Test Retakes require:
        • No missing assignments for that chapter
        • Completed test corrections
        • Completed retake ticket
        • Additional evidence of understanding of missed concepts
        • A meeting with your Teacher to make arrangements for test retake
    • Assignments/practice will be given every day. If an assignment is not completed in class, then the assignment needs to be completed prior to our next class meeting.  Multiple missed assignments will result in a phone call home and tutoring sessions.
    • The grading for assignments/practice is as follows:
    • Less than half problems completed = 0   
    • Half but not all problems completed = 2    
    • All problems completed = 4 
    • You can change a 0 or 2 to a 3 if you show that you have completed the assignment prior to the test.


    Late WorkLate work will be accepted until the day of the chapter test.

    Help!!!  You can come in before or after school or during lunch.  I am usually here at 7 a.m. and stay after until 4  p.m.  It really doesn't hurt!! 

    Classroom Expectations

    Respect yourself and others – this includes the classroom environment

    Always try hard and do your best

    Be in your seat and ready to learn when the bell rings.

    Follow all school rules

    Follow all school rulesespecially the dress code and electronics policy



    Most discipline issues will be handled in class according to following list, but occasionally student behavior will warrant removal from class. Parents may be contacted anywhere along the process.

    In-class correction

    Time in hallway to complete behavior contract

    Out of class detention

    Office referral


    My Responsibility As Your Teacher Is To


    Treat you with respect and care as an individual.

    Provide you an orderly classroom environment.

    Provide the necessary discipline.

                 Provide you the appropriate motivation.

           Teach you the required content.


    BINDER TABS:  The student should have a math section in their big binder for Miller.  The following tabs are required in their math section:

    (Tab A) Notes/Vocabulary

    (Tab B)  Homework 

                (Tab C)  Assessments (Tests and Quizzes) 


     Weekly e-mails/Carle’s webpage

    Included in my weekly email – important classroom information, important school dates and information, my help schedule, the weekly homework schedule with important video links, etc. You can receive this information by text message, email, or both.  I will be using the Remind App.  Parents/guardians can either give me their information or sign up on their own.  Students must sign up on their own for this message.  See extra paper for the code.  You can also find the week’s schedule, last week’s schedule, grades, weekly e-mail message and more at my webpage on the Aberdeen’s Website at www.asd5.org.  You must go to Miller Jr. High School, staff, and then Laura Carle.

    Please sign and return the form with your child.  This is their first assignment, so please sign and return ASAP for points.  If you have any questions or concerns send a note or an e-mail, or call me at 538-2100 or 537-7380.

    Thanks for your support,


    Laura J. Carle

    (Don’t cut off bottom.  Paper will be handed back)


    Algebra - Mrs. Carle

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    (Parent or Guardian signature)

    Period: _____   Date:________    ______________________________

    (Student signature)

    Weekly email signup with Remind App: 

    You can sign up by email, text message or both.  I can type your information in, or you can sign up on your own.  See Remind App paper or my website for directions to sign up. 

    Parent’s e-mail:  _______________________________________  Name: ______________________

    Text:  Phone number including area code:______________________________  

    The last page will be returned to Mrs. Carle.  Syllabus will be kept in student binder.