Washington Paid Family & Medical Leave



     Premera Blue Cross
     For questions regarding eligibility or enrollment, and to obtain enrollment forms please call Cindy Lee at 538-2011.
     Medicaid and Healthy Kids Now! / Children's Health Insurance Plan
     Free or Low-Cost Health Insurance for Kids & Teens in Washington State

     Infants through teenagers can receive free or low-cost health insurance. Many families in Washington State
     qualify and don’t know it. These programs are flexible and cover kids in many types of households. This
     health insurance program covers a full range of services that all children need to stay healthy. For more

     information, please call 1-877-543-7669 or visit www.insurekidsnow.gov.

     Basic Health is a low cost health insurance program offered through the State of Washington, for residents
     who qualify. If you qualify for a subsidized rate (depending upon total family monthly income and family size)
     you could receive health insurance coverage for your children at a low cost through this program. Parents do
     not have to enroll in Basic Health in order to enroll their children. For more information on Basic Health, please
     call 1-800-660-9840 or visit www.basichealth.hca.wa.gov.

    Annual Notices 
     Washington Dental Service (WDS)
     AEA  Certificated Employees & Eligible Dependents (Family Coverage)
     Group # 186
     Customer Service 1-800-554-1907
    *Contact the Business Office for lost or additional dental cards
     Willamette Dental
     AEA Certificated, PSE,and Unaffiliated Employees & Eligible Dependents (Family Coverage)
     Group # W005
     Customer Service 1-800-360-1909
    *Please call customer service for lost or additional cards
     Ameritas Dental
     PSE, Principal/Admin, Unaffiliated Employees and Eligible Dependents (Family Coverage)
     Group # 10-301277-1
     Customer Service 1-800-487-5553
    *Please call customer service for lost or additional cards
     WA State Council of County & City Employees
     Custodians, Food & Transportation & Eligible Dependents (Family Coverage)
     Group # U089
     Customer Service 1-866-737-7572
    *Please contact Business Office for lost or additional cards
    Dental coverage is not available for the Food & Transportation Bargaining Group.
     Northwest Benefits Network (NBN)
     All eligible employees & Eligible Dependents (Family Coverage)
     No ID Cards-Claim forms are available at local providers and at the Business Office
     Group # AN
     Customer Service 1-800-732-1123
     All eligible employees & Eligible Dependents (Family Coverage)
     Life & Long Term Disability Insurance
     Customer Service 1-800-362-4462
     Employee Assistance Program
     All eligible employees and Eligible Dependents (Family Coverage)
     Customer Service 1-800-538-3543


Last Modified on January 4, 2019