• For questions regarding eligibility or enrollment, and to obtain enrollment forms please call Cindy Lee at 538-2011.

    Information regarding employee benefits can be viewed by clicking the following link.
    For questions concerning your plan coverage, billing, or customer service, please call the number below or click on the link.
     Medicaid and Healthy Kids Now! / Children's Health Insurance Plan
     Free or Low-Cost Health Insurance for Kids & Teens in Washington State

     Infants through teenagers can receive free or low-cost health insurance. Many families in Washington State
     qualify and don’t know it. These programs are flexible and cover kids in many types of households. This
     health insurance program covers a full range of services that all children need to stay healthy. For more

     information, please call 1-877-543-7669 or visit www.insurekidsnow.gov.

     Basic Health is a low cost health insurance program offered through the State of Washington, for residents
     who qualify. If you qualify for a subsidized rate (depending upon total family monthly income and family size)
     you could receive health insurance coverage for your children at a low cost through this program. Parents do
     not have to enroll in Basic Health in order to enroll their children. For more information on Basic Health, please
     call 1-800-660-9840 or visit www.basichealth.hca.wa.gov.

    Annual Notices 
     Washington Dental Service (WDS)
     AEA  Certificated Employees & Eligible Dependents (Family Coverage)
     Group # 186
     Customer Service 1-800-554-1907
    *Contact the Business Office for lost or additional dental cards
     Willamette Dental
     AEA Certificated, PSE,and Unaffiliated Employees & Eligible Dependents (Family Coverage)
     Group # W005
     Customer Service 1-800-360-1909
    *Please call customer service for lost or additional cards
     Ameritas Dental
     PSE, Principal/Admin, Unaffiliated Employees and Eligible Dependents (Family Coverage)
     Group # 10-301277-1
     Customer Service 1-800-487-5553
    *Please call customer service for lost or additional cards
     WA State Council of County & City Employees
     Custodians, Food & Transportation & Eligible Dependents (Family Coverage)
     Group # U089
     Customer Service 1-866-737-7572
    *Please contact Business Office for lost or additional cards
    Dental coverage is not available for the Food & Transportation Bargaining Group.
     Northwest Benefits Network (NBN)
     All eligible employees & Eligible Dependents (Family Coverage)
     No ID Cards-Claim forms are available at local providers and at the Business Office
     Group # AN
     Customer Service 1-800-732-1123
     All eligible employees & Eligible Dependents (Family Coverage)
     Life & Long Term Disability Insurance
     Customer Service 1-800-362-4462
     Employee Assistance Program
     All eligible employees and Eligible Dependents (Family Coverage)
     Customer Service 1-800-538-3543


Last Modified on September 7, 2017