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    Eric Williamson...7th Gr.Science s run


    •    Contact info:

                            E-mail: ewilliamson@asd5.org

    •    History
    -I Graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Science Education from Oregon State University. (Go Beavs!!)
    -I have always taught in Aberdeen.
    -Completed my Masters degree in Education Technology from City University.
    -I am highly qualified in Washington state to teach gr. 7-12 General Science & Biology.
    • Interests

                 When not at school teaching science to a new generation, I have a number of interests(too many, I'm often told) that keep me busy. Most of my hobbies are outdoors. I've done a fair amount of dirtbike riding over the last 15 years and even a little racing thrown in here and there....not so much these days though. I love to fish and when conditions are right you will often find me on a river throughout the seasons or on a beach clam digging. Photography is also fun. When the rains come and I'm inside you'll likely find me cooking or pulling for the Seahawks and Oregon State Beavers teams.