• Chromebook Expectations for All Science Students:

    At the Bell:

    1. When you hear the teacher say "Chromebooks closed"- Earbuds & earphones are out of your ears and the Chromebook cover is closed.

    2. Facetime, Instant Messaging are turned off in Settings

    3. YouTube videos may only be viewed as directed or with teacher permission.

    4. Keep your Chromebook in a safe place (away from sinks at lab stations, away from edges & on flat surfaces) 

    5. When listening to audio please use earbuds & earphones - keeping one ear "earbud free" in

    order to hear announcements or instructions.

    6. Always ask permission before taking a photo or video of someone.

    7. The intent of the Chromebook is to serve as a learning tool. IT IS NOT A TOY!!

    8. Playing games on Chromebooks is not allowed unless the teacher specifically asks students to do so.
    9. Listening to music is not allowed unless the teacher specifically gives permission to do so.

    10. Don't share or let others use your Chromebook!