• Class Syllabus
    Physical Education

    This year, P. E. is a year long course. This year our focus will be on fitness and how one develops the components of fitness to achieve personal goals. We also emphasize safety and good sportsmanship. We will use the Five for Life PE Curriculum along with our traditional lessons to help students understand how exercise and being active have long term and positive impacts on their health. 

    Students will be expected to wear a plain GRAY crew necked tee shirt (provided by school) and solid dark blue or black basketball-length shorts or sweats, and athletic shoes that tie securely. You may purchase extra uniforms from Miller Junior High. Please refer to the Student Handbook for further descriptions. Students are expected to dress for PE every day. If a student forgets to bring a uniform he or she is expected to borrow a clean "loaner" uniform from the PE Department (these will be available daily and are laundered after each use).
    Students may purchase uniforms before school or during lunch.
    It is also a good idea if students have outdoor shoes (an old pair), socks, and a sweatshirt that they can leave in their PE locker for the days we go outside.
    Students are graded each day on their level of participation/effort, sportsmanship and attitude, and improvement.
    Fitness testing--PACER, sit-ups, push-ups, and the timed mile run, and possibly some written tests will be an additional part of their PE Grade.    Effort on Fitness testing will be the main assessment, not the actual score itself due to the vast differences in student ability and fitness levels.  Students will only be expected to do their best effort, the same as any other physical education day.
     You can earn up to 10 points each day in PE.
     Lack of effort and failure to follow instructions or rules are the most common ways to lose points. Refusing to dress for PE--a "non-suit" will result in a zero for the day and possible disciplinary action including a phone call home. Non suits can NOT be made up.  Clean PE uniforms are available to borrow if for some reason the students doesn't have one available that day.  Arrangements can be made with the office in cases of economic hardship.
    Students are given the opportunity to "make up" PE classes that they may miss due to illness, medical appointments, school trips, etc. for full credit. They must do 30 minutes ON THEIR OWN TIME AT HOME  and return a make up slip. Look on left side of this page to access a make up slip.  Further directions are in that section as well. UNMADE UP PE absences will negatively affect their grade.
    Students who are MEDICALLY EXCUSED by a note from a doctor do not have to make up their PE absences without affecting their grade.  Only a doctor's note (not from Mom or Dad) results in a student not having to make up PE.  Students will be expected to do their best if not feeling well or have a minor injury, and will be allowed to do modified or alternative activities (as long as the same students are not "injured" every time we do fitness testing!).  With all of the other absences students are given the opportunity to restore their grade by making them up.



    This year, the Miller P.E. department will be integrating health into our P.E. classes.  This will include each class spending one day per week in a health classroom covering health topics (nutrition, eating disorders, conflict, first aid and human reproductive systems), as well as a number of complementary lessons in P.E. that will help support the knowledge gained in P.E