• Speech and Debate Periods 2, 3, 4: For those of you behind--this week is a great opportunity to make up work as I'm not assigning anything new so that those of you that have been overwhelemed can get caught.  Use this time to create content and finish up you speeches.- If you are a senior I need all work submitted by June 9th.  Juniors by June 18. Email me with Questions or refer to Speech Tips Page/Speech Rubric. When finished send me your video or a score sheet with written speech if you cannot send a video as an attachment to jdore@asd5.org


    English L9: Please continue journaling on how COVID 19 has affected your life (Due June 9-check email for instructions)

    Also-Please keep up on your independent reading--400 pages are required by the end of the trimester. That comes out to 75 pages per week. If you complete the 400 page requirement and submit all your work, your chances of receiving an A in the class will improve dramatically.