We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for entrusting your child to us. The teen years are so very important when we look at the overall development and education of your student. Major decisions are being made daily, it seems, with or without parental input. We really do want you to be an active part of your student's educational experience, and because of this, we want you to be able to stop by this page from time to time for helpful resources in dealing with your student's teen years.
    Think of this page as a portal to all kinds of information we hope you will be able to use.
    Educational Links for Parents/Guardians
    Harbor High School Student-Parent Handbook -- This handbook contains the rules of the school along with important information on our Title I programs, and parent documents. We encourage you to ask for a hard copy at your student's conferences. It can be accessed online via this link.
    Skywards Portal -- Skywards is our student database where we keep track of attendance and enter key student information. It can be accessed via your student's ID number and a PIN. For your PIN, please call Gayle Anderson at 538-2180.
    Harbor High School Calendar -- this is our calendar of events for Harbor High School...shown by month. If you wish to add something to the calendar, please call Amy Rasler at 538-2189.
     Contact a Staff Member -- If you need to email a staff member, click here for our staff directory. We ask that phone calls go through the office during school hours. You can contact the office at 538-2180.
    Khan Academy -- There are just times when students need that little bit of extra explanation on something they are working on, and you just can't help them. Rather than have them give up, check out Khan Academy! It is easy to sign up for, and they offer video tutorials for most high school level classes, by topic. It is an incredible resource, and it is free!!
    NEWSELA--Is a great website that provides students access to non-fiction and current events articles free! The best thing about this site, is that the reading level can be adjusted on the article before your child reads it. For students struggling in reading, this site can be a valuable resource.
     Family Education -- This website is full of resources for parenting the teen years, advice on sensitive topics, and strategies to support your student as they navigate this important time of life. It also has information, advice, strategies for children of all age levels. It is highly recommended!
    We will be adding more information and links to this section as demand and time permit. Please stay tuned!!