• Benefits of Membership

    Ø As a participant of the Bobcat Booster Club your club/sport has access to funds raised while being protected under a 501(c)(3) tax umbrella

    Ø The Booster Club tracks and monitors funds added to and used from your club/sport account

    Ø Participation is granted to the annual Bobcat Booster Auction


    How it Works

    What makes us different:

    ASB is solely for student based fundraising. All funds raised by students are submitted to the ASB and held on the group’s behalf.

    The Bobcat Booster Club is based on adult fundraising. If a fundraiser is carried out by adults, the funds may be kept in your own “designated” account for your group’s use when you need it.

    Accessing your account:

    As the designated coach or Activities Director, you are the only authorized person allowed to withdraw these funds to benefit your sport or activity. Simply contact our Treasurer to arrange distribution. We do require a receipt for audit purposes in order to distribute funds from your “designated” account. 

    Don’t have an account or insufficient funds?

     In the event you do not have a designated account with the Bobcat Booster Club, or you do not have sufficient funds in your account, you may submit your written request for funds to the Aberdeen High School Athletic Director. We strongly suggest you attend our meeting yourself in the event there are further questions from the Board about the request.

    Keep in mind the Bobcat Booster Club is here to help you! We ask in return for you to support our efforts by sending a representative to our monthly meetings. Let’s work together in a partnership to make AHS a place where we celebrate success and student achievement.

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    Bobcat Booster Club Meeting Dates