• Mr. Rabung’s

     Classroom Expectations

    All Classes


    Now that we are online and attempting to complete the year, things are different.  Both you and I will be learning as we go.  Simple expectations for you during this crazy time.  


    1. Be flexable and don't panic

    2. Read something, try for at least 30 minutes

    3. Write about what you read!  Journal! tell me how you feel about the worlds current situation, your situation! THe joournal can be an email trail between you and I 




    1.    Be to class on time (in the room before the bell rings)

    2.    Come prepared to work. 

    a.    Paper

    b.     Notebook

    c.     Pencils, Pen

    d.    Writing Journal

    3.    Attendance is a must.

    a.    All absences must be made up.

    b.    3-UT’s = 1 UA

    c.    10 UA’s = F

    4.    Must have a pass to leave class

    5.    If extra time is needed to complete assignment, it must be pre-arranged.

    6.    Grade Checks are done on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.

    a.    Student is responsible for this.

    7.    Grades are performance based. 

    a.    Do the work get the grade

    b.    5 daily points

                                              i.    1—in class.

                                            ii.    2—in class on time.

                                           iii.    3—in class, on time, prepared to work.

                                           iv.    4—actively participate.

                                            v.    5—attitude.

    8.    Attitude and participation.

    a.    All school rules will be followed

    9.    No Cell Phones, Headphones, IPods, MP3 Players or any other electronic devices allowed

    a.    Three strike policy

                                              i.    1- get it back after class

                                            ii.    2-get back after school

                                           iii.    Get it back after we meet with your parents or guardian.