• Monday:Cat's Connection Assignment/Coursework maintainence

    Tuesday: Coursework maintainence

    Wednesday: Cat's Connection Assignment/Coursework maintainence

    Thursday: Club Day (if work is done)/Coursework maintainence

    Friday: Coursework maintainence


    At Aberdeen High School we are often asked, Cat's Connection? The answer is very simple and here's what we share with students. It is your story - your story about your experiences and learning throughout high school. It is your story about what you've done, what you've learned and where you want to go after high school. And to tell your story, we've given you a guide, a tool to help you remember things along the way. Ever look back at work you did in 5th grade and laugh a little at the memory and at the growth you've experienced since then? You can do the same thing in high school from freshman to senior year. Over these four years you'll experience, learn and grow so much - it's all part of your story.

    Advisory; Period 5;  – Various grade levels, Assignments on board.


    This class follows the Cat's Connections outline.  


    Students in this class will be at a variety of places within the program. 


    There are multiple TA’s (students) in this class to help meet the needs of all students.