• Jerry Salstrom
    GEAR UP Math Specialist
    (Class of 2023)
    Email: jsalstrom@asd5.org
    Phone: 538-2040
    Office: Room 304

    Class of 2023

    Welcome to the GEAR UP program. We will be working with all students in the class of 2023 to help you meet your high school graduation requirements and move on to post-secondary education/career readiness.

    I will be helping you develop your math skills so that you can pass all of your math classes and meet the state testing and credit requirements for graduation. In addition to working with you in your regular math classes, I will be available to help during lunch and after school.

    I believe that every member of this great class can graduate and go on to further your education in your chosen career. I am looking forward to our four years at AHS together.