• Miller Compact

    A compact is a tool encouraging students, parents/guardians, and the school to work in partnership to help our children increase academic achievement and proficiency on state and district assessments.

    Miller Junior High agrees to:

    ·       provide a safe and supportive environment in which students can learn and achieve

    ·       teach classroom based prevention programs designed to decrease aggression, bullying, and substance abuse while increasing students’ social skills and school success

    ·       create, teach, and assess lessons clearly tied to measurable common core state standards

    ·       use powerful teaching and learning strategies to improve students’ skills, knowledge, thinking, applications, and relationships

    ·       use technology to enhance students’ achievement and learning

    ·       provide ways parents/guardians can participate in their children’s learning

    ·       provide ways for communication between teachers and parents/guardians using progress reports, updating online grades, and holding Fall and Spring Student Led Conferences for the purpose of reporting students’ achievement and growth

    ·      take advantage of available technology (iPads, internet, smart Phones, etc.) to assist students with time management strategies

    ·       provide tutoring assistance on regular school days through our After School Program and by individual appointment with teachers

    ·       connect students and parents/guardians with community services

    A Miller Junior High Student agrees to:

    maintain healthy eating and sleeping patterns


    come to school every day, on time and ready to learn


     participate actively in class


    prepare for class


    take and review class notes


    follow directions from staff


    use class time wisely


    use technology for 24/7 learning


    follow school rules as outlined in the student handbook (on Miller’s Webpage)


    increase time spent on homework and improve the quality of homework


    read 30 minutes or more beyond the school day

    A Miller Junior High Parent/Guardian agrees to:

    help my child arrive every day- safely, healthy, on time, well rested and well nourished (access community resources if necessary)


    create a quiet place at home for my child to study, read, and do homework


    model great reading habits by encouraging 30 minutes or more of daily reading outside of the school day (Read Together!)


    work on math facts with my child


    set short and long term goals with my child


    monitor TV, video gaming, social media, and cell phone/computer usage


    organize family time with my child to include conversation and family activity time together


    check the Miller teacher websites for assistance


    check the school website www.asd5.org/miller for assistance


    obtain my confidential username and password for Skyward to check my child’s progress


    communicate with the classroom teacher before or as soon as an issue arises