• Classroom Guidance Lessons

    Classroom guidance are school-wide lessons that are designed to reach all students across all grade levels.  Lessons are developed to help students gain knowledge, attitudes, and skills in three domains: academic, career, and personal/social. Lessons are appropriate to the developmental/ grade level of the students.
    Examples of topics which may be covered are: bullying prevention, career awareness, problem-solving, conflict resolution, drug and alcohol prevention, coping skills, peer and social relationships, diversity, self-awareness, personal safety, puberty etc.
    Examples of curriculum used in the classrooms are:
    • Second Step (grades Pre-K - 3rd) - focuses on empathy development, problem solving , and emotion management.
    • Second Step: Bullying Prevention Unit (grades K - 5th) - a bullying prevention program
    • Kelso's Choice (school-wide) - a conflict management system
    • Riding the Waves (5th grade) - coping skills
    • Walk this Way - teaches about diversity
    • Great Body Shop - Drug and Alcohol Prevention, personal body safety, and puberty lessons
    • Various supplemental books and activities 
     If you have any concerns or questions please contact Miss Sturgill at 360-537-7621