•  Misconceptions about school counseling

    “Only children with ‘problems’ need to see a counselor.”

    Truth: School counselors work to build relationships with all students. All students are welcome and may see the counselor for a variety of reasons. When you think about it, everyone has problems.


    “There’s no reason for my child to see the counselor-they’re fine.”

    Truth: Everyone has emotions and thoughts weighing on their minds. Having someone to listen to those thoughts can work wonders! Some common topics may be self-esteem, problem solving, friendship troubles, worries, etc.


    “The school counselor should call the guardian when their student visits.”

    A school counselor works on building trusting relationships with students in a safe and supportive environment. Everyone deserves to have someone to talk with and know that what they say is respected through privacy. If there is an immediate concern, the school counselor will contact the guardian. Student safety is always top priority!