• Technology and Learning
    Students and staff in the Aberdeen School District use computer technologies to communicate, to access and use information well, to learn, and to do productive work.
    Digital Teaching and Learning Report January 2018
    The Digital Teaching and Learning Report January 2018 (PDF) was presented to the school board on January 23, 2018. The Digital Teaching and Learning Task Force was created in August 2017 to determine the current status of educational technology (Ed Tech) in the District, and possible future directions. This effort was undertaken in light of the new State Technology Standards as well as the embedded technology standards in the Common Core State Standards as required by Washington State. Additionally, this effort is aligned with the District’s interest to support teaching and learning throughout the District with efficiency and effectiveness for all students and staff in every classroom.

    District Technology Plan and Standards
    The District's 2013-2016 Technology Plan (PDF) provides a vision and belief statements which guide learning and teaching toward the Washington State Educational Technology Standards for Students.

    Technology Policies and Procedures
    Policies and procedures govern district technology use by all employees and students and can be found here: Electronic Resources (Network Use) Acceptable Use Policy Information

    Web Site Review
    If there is a web site that you feel is being blocked when it should not be, or a site you feel needs to be blocked that is not already being blocked by the district content filter, you may complete an IT Request (here) and submit it for the District Internet Review Team. Every effort will be made to review the site in question, make a decision and notify you within 48 hours.
Last Modified on September 28, 2018