• Student Growth Data Ideas
    Keep in mind you may want to start to set your student growth goal early in the school year.  This will give you more opportunities to have all students show they know or understand a particularly important concept before they move on if that is part of your student growth goal.   It will also give you more opportunities to refine your goal if needed.
    Questions to ask with your evaluator:
    •    What is considered a quality goal?
    •    Is the goal tied to our building goals?
    •    Is the goal part of our district curriculum, Common Core Standard, or a Smarter-Balanced focus?
    •    How will the goal be achieved?   
    •    What is the measure being used?
    •    Does the goal address students not currently meeting standards?
    •    What are multiple measures? 
    •    What is the timeframe for students to meet the goal? 
       What evidence will be used to show goal achievement? 
    1. Pre and post unit assessment
    2. Vocabulary, pre and post test
    3. Helping all students understand place value - pre and post assessments (some students may need more than one post-assessment to demonstrate proficiency)
    4. Specific MAP goal for class or sub-group - Fall and Winter MAP score growth
    5. Grade level common assessment goals
    6. Basic skills around specific Skills USA competencies, checklist of skills performed
    7. Signing the Pledge of Allegiance - filming students in a post and pre format
    8. Completion of professional resumes - may require a number of submissions
    9. Students demonstrating Benchmark Proficiency - could also be nested goals

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Last Modified on September 12, 2023