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    Course Title:  3D Modeling & Animation 

    Instructional Philosophy: In this course students will learn how to take an idea and bring it to life digitally using 3DS Max. Students will also learn the production pipeline, character development and other key concepts related to this subject

    Course Standards: The students will learn how to (big concepts):

    • Effectively create, modify and manipulate objects within a virtual environment
    • Apply realistic materials and textures to objects
    • Basic and advanced object model editing techniques
    • Animation key concepts and key framing
    • Render process and quality options

    Projects/Major Assignments:

    • Sketching, Idea development
    • Character Projects
    • Object Models
    • Animations
    • Short and Long Response Papers


    • Modeling Projects: 25 points  
    • Smaller Response Projects 10 to 20 points
    • Larger Response Projects 50 points
    • Checkpoint Assignments (pass/incomplete) 10 points
    • Overall class grade will be based upon the sum of all assignments and the number of points earned by the student. Actual number of each type of project will vary. 


    A : 100-93      B+:89-88        C+: 79-78       D+:69-68     

    A-: 92-90        B : 87-83        C :  77-73       D : 67-60

                            B-: 82-80        C-:  72-70       F :  59-0

    Attendance Policy:

    The student is responsible to attend all classes (unless excused for a school activity) and actively engage in the day’s lesson. The student’s attendance in the class is crucial to the student demonstrating proficiency in the subject. Excessive absences (more than 9 excused or unexcused in a semester) may cause the student to be ineligible to earn credit in the class.

    Unexcused absences may be regarded as truancy.