• Add Read&Write Chrome Extension

    The Read&Write extension will only work in a Chrome Browser.  
    The following steps must be done in a Chrome Browser. 
    • Sign in to your school Gmail account
    • Click the link: Read&Write Chrome Extension
    • Click the ADD TO CHROME button
    • Click Add extension
    • Open a new tab in chrome and click on the ReadWriteIcon purple icon with "rw" at the far right side of the address bar
    • You may need to sign in to your account again, if so sign in
    • When prompted you need to click Link
    • When prompted you need to click Allow to enable Read&Write to work within your browser 
    Using Read&Write
    The Read&Write extension is available any time you see the purple RW icon at the end of the address bar. Inside of google docs the RW icon will appear just below the address bar as a drop down tool bar.
    To use Read&Write, click on the RW icon. This will bring up the Read&Write tool bar which can be used to read text out loud and also highlight text.
    readwrite toolbar  
    When reading web documents, the "hover speech" mode (2nd button on the tool bar) is likely the best mode to use. Click "hover speech" and simply leave your mouse over the part of text you would like to read. To stop reading aloud you will need to click the pause or stop buttons on the tool bar. You will also need to click "hove speech" again to use other tools. 
    Creating Vocabulary Lists
    Read&Write can also create vocabulary lists for students using the highlighting tool. To use this select a single word and click on the highlight marker of any color. This will highlight the text on the page. Once you have highlighted all the words you want to be in your vocabulary list, click the vocabulary button. This will create a google doc with Word, Meaning, Symbol and Notes columns. Please note that it may take it a moment to create the google vocabulary doc.