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     In Search of the Golden Paragraph

     The Golden Paragraph's topic sentence is well-developed, clear and correctly placed. It has 3 or more relevant, excellently written, concrete details. Each concrete detail is followed by 1-2 well-thought-out and supportive commentary sentences.   Concluding sentence is original, and it expertly concludes the ideas presented in the paragraph. 

     Paragraph Example

    (1) For the enthusiastic adventurer, Aberdeen, Washington has several hidden gems begging to be explored. (2) One such diamond, Sucher & Son's Star Wars Shop on Wishkah Street, has over 3000 different pieces of Star Wars/Star Trek memorabilia. (2a)You can even see a 6 foot Millennium Falcon hanging from the ceiling. (3) Aberdeen also has a full scale replica of the tall ship the Lady Washington. (3a) Aberdeen's Lady Washington was launched March 7, 1989  by the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority.  (3b) It has appeared in several films including Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and The Great American West. (4) Finally no trip to Aberdeen is complete without visiting  Miller Junior High School in Aberdeen's picturesque southside. (4a) Miller is a 7/8 junior high school and contains some of the brightest student minds this side of the North Cascades. (5) Adventures are always looking for new places to explore; they need to look no further than Aberdeen.
    (1) Topic/focus sentence
    (2) & (2a) First set of detail and supportive sentences
    (3), (3a), & (3b) Second set of detail and supportive sentences
    (4) & (4a) Third set of detail and supportive sentences
    (5) Concluding sentence