• Setting up Windows Speech Recognition

     Speech recognition will allow your device to listen to you talk to create text or other commands. Do the following to setup this feature:
    1. Click the WINDOWS button on screen or on your keyboard
    3. From the search results click on WINDOWS SPEECH RECOGNITION
    4. A new window will appear, click NEXT
    5. Select the OTHER microphone option and click NEXT
    6. Read the info on the next page, click NEXT
    7. Make sure your microphone is not muted, a white light will be illuminated on the F4 key if it is, to turn it on, click FN + F4 keys. 
    8. Read the bold sentence to your computer out loud, make sure as you read it you are close enough and loud enough that the green bar is showing in the green area. Click NEXT when you have successfully setup the microphone
    9. Click NEXT to finish the setup
    10. Select ENABLE DOCUMENT REVIEW and click NEXT
    11. Select the activation mode that will work best for you, click NEXT
    12. If you want to view the reference sheet, click view reference sheet, otherwise click NEXT
    13. Make sure Run Speech Recognition at Startup is selected, click NEXT
    14. View the tutorial if you need more guidance on how to use speech recognition
    The speech recognition tool will show at the top center of your screen. You can also access it from your system tray in the bottom right of your desktop. Once speech recognition is setup you can turn it on and use it for several things:
    example: Click the microphone icon and say "open word" this should open the Word program
    example: In a word document, with your microphone on, say "I would like you to type here period" notice that while you say the word "period" it will actually be added to your document as punctuation. 
    example: To turn speech recognition off, say "stop listening" if you have enabled voice activation you can say "start listening" to turn it back on.
     *Some features associated with speech recognition may not be accessible.