• During our school closure due to the COVID-19, I want to use this page to give some ideas of stretching and exercising you can do at home.  Remember, we do not need to be in a gym to get a workout and stay active.  Exercise is a great way to fight off illness and take our minds off of our current situation.  I hope each of you and your families stay healthy throughout this ordeal.  

    Basic Stretches for Upper Body 

    Kung Fu Stretch

    Handcuff Stretch

    Backscratcher Stretch

    Arm Circles (Large Forward, Large Backward, Small Forward, Small Backward)

    Neck Rolls


    Basic Stretches for Lower Body

    Right over Left, Left over Right

    Hurdler Stretch (Sit and Reach Test)

    Flamingo Stretch

    Butterfly Stretch

    Calf Stretch


    Basic Exercises

    Grass Pickers (10)

    Rocket Blasters (10)

    Jumping Jacks (20)

    Windmills (10)

    Pushups (10)

    Wall Pushups (10)

    Curl Ups/Sit Ups (10)


    Other Good Forms of Exercise

    Riding Bikes w/ Helmet

    Walking (With Intent) - Keep Moving


    Mowing the Lawn

    Washing Cars

    Shoveling Gravel

    Many other Chores around the House/Yard


    Daily Recommendation

    2 or more Upper Body Stretches

    2 or more Lower Body Stretches

    2 or more Basic Exercises

    Pick another Form of Exercise from Above List


    Take Care!


    Mr. King (bking@asd5.org)