• Communication

    • Grades will be updated regularly and available on Skyward. Download the app and have your child put their username/password in.  If you need help getting started, please come in to the office or call at 538-2100. 
    • I use the Remind app to send out important messages. Joining is free. All you need to do is text @f3h8g9 to 81010. I promise I won’t send you too many messages!  
    • Email and Remind both work best for reaching me and is preferred. I encourage you to contact me if there is anything you are concerned about or have questions.


    Washington State History

    This class is a high school graduation requirement. Students who do not pass with at least a D will be required to repeat the course in high school, which can delay graduation. NOT TURNING IN WORK WILL RESULT IN A FAILING GRADE. Additionally, excessive absences decrease the ability to master the material and pass the course.


    Textbook: The Washington Journey (Gibbs-Smith Education) 

    Course Topics

    • Geography of the Pacific Northwest (PNW)
    • Native peoples of PNW
    • Exploration and settlement
    • Washington territory and treaties
    • 20th century Washington State
    • Washington state government/economy


    ELA- English Language Arts

    The main focus of the ELA program at Miller is to foster a learning environment where students of all reading and writing skill levels for 7th grade may achieve success at their optimal level. Students will work on a variety of literacy skills that are aligned to the Common Core Standards.

    Textbook: My Perspectives: English Language Arts by Pearson. We also use the free online program: No Red Ink to improve grammar skills. This can be accessed at home.


     Assignments/Homework: Both classes have either daily assignments or ongoing projects. Students are given sufficient time to complete work in class. If a student doesn’t finish in class, it needs to be done as homework. (HINT: Students will say they don’t have “homework,” but they often will have “unfinished classwork”!)

    Late/missing work: I accept missing assignments up until one week before the end of the  trimester. 

    Unsatisfactory work: Students can redo an assignment if they received a failing grade.

    Tests/Assessments: If a student scores a D or F, they can come retake a test/quiz before or after school or at lunch. Tests/assessments cannot be completed at home or outside of the classroom.

    Classroom Behavior Expectations

    • Follow ALL school rules : Be respectful, Be responsible, Be safe, Be Successful
    • Respect yourself, others, and property
    • Take responsibility for your learning, participate, and do your best
    • Be in your seat and ready to learn when the bell rings 
    • No cell phones or wireless headphones/airpods

    If classroom expectations are unable to be met, I will meet with your child to discuss the behavior. If the behavior continues, your child will receive lunch detention. If further action is required, the office and you will be notified.


    Absent/Missing Work

    Students are responsible for making up all absent work. They are not excused from work on absent days. Your child is responsible for seeing me before or after school or at lunch to get any work missed. Missing work is marked in Skyward and will be given a zero until turned in. This work can be made up until one week before the grading period ends.


    Grading Policy

    I follow the Miller Junior High grading policy, which can be viewed in the Student Handbook. All graded work is worth points that are averaged for a final grade. There are two categories that hold different weights:

    • Classwork/Projects/Homework 60%
    • Tests/Quizzes 40%