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    What Is Title 1?

    Title 1 serves the unique needs of children who struggle to learn.  Being a Title 1 school means receiving federal funding (Title 1 dollars) to supplement the school's existing programs.  These dollars are used for:

    • Identifying students struggling to meet academic standards and providing timely assistance to help these student’s meet the State’s challenging content standards.
    • Purchasing supplemental staff/programs/materials/supplies
    • Conducting parental Involvement meetings/trainings/activities
    • Recruiting/Hiring/Retaining Highly Qualified Teachers

    At Aberdeen School District, Title 1 may focus on assisting the following student groups:

    1. 5-6 Grade Reading Intervention
    2. K-6 Math Support
    3. 7-11 Language Arts and/or Math Support

    OSPI Title 1 Parent Guide

    WA State Report Card - Aberdeen School District

     Information on State and Local Assessments


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    Title 1 Announcement

    Community Members & Parents Right to Know!

    The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) publishes a State Report Card online at: http://reportcard.ospi.k12.wa.us/summary.aspx

    You can use this website to find important information about your local schools and district, such as the results of state testing, enrollment numbers, facts and figures about the teachers in your school, and much more. You can also ask for a copy of the report card at the administration office. 


    Visit the district's Title I Website at: http://www.asd5.org/page/6090 or contact the following people:

    Traci Sandstrom, Title I/LAP Director 360-538-2123
    Cheryl Glasier, Title I/LAP Secretary 360-537-2591