Mrs. Carle's Rules

    1. Respect yourself, other students and the teacher, and property. Also respect the learning situation in the classroom by not being disruptive.

    2. Always try hard and do your best.

    3. Raise your hand if you have something to say.

    4. Must be in seat and ready to work when bell begins to ring.

    5. You receive one free tardy this year. You will also receive one free hallway pass to go to the bathroom or locker each quarter. Come to class prepared everyday by bringing paper, notebook, math book, and writing utensils.

    6. Food and beverages are only allowed in the student center. Gum should remain outside the building.

    7. Cell phones need to remain off until after school. If you are caught using your cell phone, the phone will be confiscated and turned into the office.

    8. The teacher will dismiss you when the bell rings.



    If you choose not to follow the rules:

    Step 1: Verbal warning.

    Step 2: Time after class.

    Step 3: 30 minutes after school and phone call home.

    Step 4: Removal from room until meeting held with parents, and Dean of Students.

    If you are ever sent out in the hallway for misbehaving, you will need to take the hallway clipboard and fill out a behavior form before you are allowed back into the classroom. If you choose not to fill out the form or even fill it out properly, you will be completing it with me during your lunch or before or after school. If you are ever kicked out of class, you will also owe me time before or after school and the form will be discussed.

    My Responsibility As Your Teacher Is To:

    Treat you with respect and care as an individual.

    Provide you an orderly classroom environment.

    Provide the necessary discipline.

    Provide you the appropriate motivation.

    Teach you the required content.