• Flag Scholarship:  Once you send in your $99 and registration papers (or
    register on line), you can call WorldStrides about applying for a $400
    scholarship.  You MUST mention that our trip is in June 2020 and tell them
    Trip ID 167230.  It depends on your income and you must fill out paper work
    within 2 weeks of it arriving at your home.  If you need help, please let us

    Payments/fees:  There are NO fees for our group, but they would like some
    money sent in every so many months.  I can send in a big check every 3
    months or so, but you can also send in a little yourself with no worries
    about fees.  

    Auto-Deposit Option:  If you have already set up the Auto-Deposit and are
    would like it changed, you must call the Customer Service line and request
    it changed.  The number is 800-468-5899.