• ABC Blocks
    Rhonda Turner
    Email: rturner@asd5.org
    Phone: 583-2130 (Main Office)
    Homeroom: 7
    Thank you for checking my website!  I hope you are safe and healthy.  Please know we  at A J West are here for you and want to help in any way we can.  We appreciate your efforts to keep your child learning through this difficult time. 
    New packets and online resources are available every Monday morning.  You can access these using the link at the top of this page.  You can also pick up the packets from 10-12 Monday-Friday from the lunch pick up sites.
    • North End Park - 1500 Young Streen Aberdeen
    • Central Park Elementary - 601 School Road Aberdeen
    • Finch Park - 608 Sumner Avenue Aberdeen
    • Pioneer Park - 214 S. Tilden Street Aberdeen
    • Wes Peterson Park/Playfield - Bay Avenue, West Aberdeen
    I am available anytime to answer questions, however, the district has asked that we try to keep our contact within the hours of 7-4, Monday through Thursday.  I know some work schedules will no allow for contact during those times so don't hesitate to contact me outside of those hours.
    The following pictures will take you to the online resources and packet:
    Online Resources      Packet Resources