Class Syllabus

  • 8th Grade US History

    Mrs. Michelle Reed ----

    Room 112


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    Mrs. Reed

    U.S. History


    Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,


    Hello, my name is Mrs. Reed and I will be your student’s U.S. History teacher this year. It is my pleasure to welcome you and your students into the exciting realm of our great nation's history. During the course of this year, your student will engage in several fun projects and activities. We will discover the history of the United States from the days of the American Revolution through the Civil War. The purpose of this letter is to introduce myself to you and to inform you about my expectations for our students. I look forward to working with you all this year and hopefully we can help our students gain an appreciation for history and become responsible citizens.


    Class Guidelines

    *Respect yourself, the teacher, and your classmates.

    *Be prepared and give your best effort each day.

    *Please raise your hand for questions and answers, and then wait to be called on. 

    *Do your best to keep the classroom a safe, peaceful, and positive learning environment.


    Every student is responsible for his or her behavior. If a student chooses not to follow the rules, the following actions will take place.


    Step one: warning – the students will be given a verbal warning about their behavior. Classroom privileges could be reduced until behaviors are corrected. 


    Step two: behavioral conference with the teacher after class and the student could lose some privileges and points for that day.


    Step three parental contact:  I will contact the parent about the behavior and try to find a workable solution.


    Step four: the student will be referred to the office until the behavior is corrected. 

    Note, in extreme cases, the student will be moved to step four immediately if the behavior warrants a quick response.


    Grading scale: if a student has an  F or incomplete work they can retake the test/quiz or redo the assignment once for an improved grade until the cut-off date approximately 2 weeks after the end of the module or 2 weeks before the end of the semester, whichever comes sooner. I am available most days for help before school, at lunch, or after school.


    90% to 100% = A- > A

    80% to 89% = B- > B

    70% to 79% = C- > C

    60% to 69% =D- > D

    0% to 59% = F/ Incomplete


    Plagiarism will result in a loss of points for the question or assignment. When in doubt cite your source or even better put the ideas in your own words.


    *Most work turned in after the due date will be worth less than the original value. 

    * Late assignments must be turned in quickly or the value continues to fall.


    We will be starting the year looking at the European colonization of North America, the American Revolution, the creation of the United States of America, Westward Expansion, the United States divided, and the Civil War. During the year the students will engage in several classroom activities that will teach them about important ideas, people, events, and places. The students will be required to participate in class activities, learn effective study techniques, and organize notes. Student Activities and notes will serve as a study guide for quizzes, chapter test, and finals.


    I am looking forward to having an excellent year working with you. Please contact me at Miller Junior High (360 538 2100) or email me any questions or concerns you have to mreed@asd5 

    Note email works best and is preferred.



    Michelle Reed



    Return this bottom portion for 5 extra credit points. I have read and discussed the U.S. History syllabus with my student.



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