• Highly Capable Services Offered by the Aberdeen School District

    Kids practicing knowledge bowl What does the Aberdeen School District Offer Highly Capable Students?
    Aberdeen School District offers a continuum of services to engage and challenge Highly Capable students. Highly Capable students have access to in-class cluster grouping, differentiated instruction, and online course compacting and acceleration. Elementary and Middle School students may participate in workshops, field trips, and family learning opportunities.In high school Highly Capable students continue to participate in advanced classes as well as concurrent enrollment or Running Start. The district also offers various clubs and knowledge based competitions for secondary students to participate in.

    Highly Capable Offerings by Grade Level

    Grades K-2: In class differentiation and cluster grouping (to include reading and math groups), online learning opportunities, and optional participation in elementary Hi-cap field trips and activities as age appropriate.

    Grades 3-5: In class differentiation and cluster grouping, online learning opportunities, participation in elementary Hi-cap field trips and activities.

    Grades 6-8: Courses for subject acceleration, leadership opportunities, electives of interest, and other academic clubs when available.

    Grades 9-12: Online courses for subject acceleration, subject-based acceleration, advanced placement, clubs, Advanced Placement (AP), and Running Start.