• Testing and Placement

    What kind of testing is required for Hi-cap? 
    The OLSAT cognitive ability test, benchmark assessments, teacher surveys, and other appropriate data are used to determine if students screened or referred into Highly Capable Services will qualify for services. 

    Students referred to Highly Capable services who have met the minimum benchmark score requirements are recommended for OLSAT testing. This test is administered to students during the Spring of each school year. Before testing, a notice is sent to students’ parents informing them of upcoming program testing and requesting their "Consent for Evaluation”. 

    Other tests and assessments that will be compiled for the Multidisciplinary Selection Committee’s consideration include District benchmark assessments, state assessments, report cards, and other assessments and checklists as available.  A Teacher Rating Form is sent to the appropriate classroom teacher requesting pertinent information about the referred student.

    What will qualify my child for services and who makes that decision?
    The Multidisciplinary Selection Committee reviews each student's profile packet to determine eligibility for services. The team determines if results from tests, and other assessment data provide evidence that placement in Highly Capable services will be beneficial to the student. 

    The Multidisciplinary Selection Committee is composed of the Support Services Coordinator, the Hi-cap teacher, a school psychologist, and any other district staff invited to participate.

    How will I be notified about my child's qualification for services?
    A letter will be sent to the students’ parents / guardians and school regarding test results and students’ eligibility for Highly Capable services. For qualifying students, the letter will include what services the student can receive and the date on which those services would begin. Parents must sign and return the included form authorizing any services for their child. Parents and teachers may appeal non-qualifying decisions.