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    Common Sense Media
    9-12 Grade Band Overview

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    Unit 1 

    1. Digital Life 102
    2. Oops! I Broadcast it on the Internet
    3. Copyrights and Wrongs
    4. Feeling on Display
    5. Turn Down the Dial on Cyberbullying

    Unit 2

    1. My Online Code
    2. Who are You Online?
    3. Building Community Online
    4. Overexposed: Sexting and Relationships
    5. Risky Online Relationships (Required 9th Grade)

    Unit 3

    1. Rights, Remixes, and Respect
    2. Taking Perspectives on Cyberbullying (Required 9th Grade)
    3. What's the Big Deal About Interent Privacy
    4. Becoming a Web Celeb
    5. College Bound (Required 9th Grade)

    Unit 4

    1. Private Today, Public Tomorrow (Required 9th Grade)
    2. Does it Matter who has Your Data? 
    3. Breaking Down Hate Speech
    4. Retouching Reality
    5. Collective Intelligence