About Grays Harbor Academy

  • Mid semester enrollment information:

    Grades K-8:  open, rolling enrollment throughout the school year
    -depending on the date of enrollment, students may not be enrolled in all 4 core classes (English, math, science, social studies)
    -Students enrolling on or after April 19th, will be assigned 2 classes (English and math)
    -Students who are enrolled between May 10th and May 19th, will be assigned 1 class (English)
    -No new student enrollments May 20th - end of the year, except for extenuating circumstances
    Grades 9-12: 
    A cut off date for full schedule enrollment has been established.
    Students wishing to enroll ONCE THE YEAR HAS STARTED, may be advised to wait until the next semester starts OR they will need to take less classes.  Students often lose credits or are unable to take a full schedule when enrolling in the middle of a semester. Below are the dates and number of classes that will be assigned. However, fewer classes may be assigned depending individual circumstances. 
    Semester enrollment info for 23-24
    - March 29-April 18, 4 classes
    - April 19-May 3, 3 classes
    - May 4-May 17, 2 classes
    - May 18 - May 20, 1 class
    -No new enrollments after May 20th EXCEPT for extenuating circumstances.
    Getting a reduced number of classes means the student is still completing an entire semester of work for the classes they are enrolled in even though they are enrolling now. 
    That is why they get enrolled in less classes. 
    That has credit/graduation implications for the student- they will not be getting all the credits they need for a semester to stay on track for graduation.


    Grays Harbor Academy is an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) that uses the Edgenuity Student Information System (SIS) as the online platform. Our goal is to provide a learning alternative for students who prefer an option that includes independent learning outside of the typical classroom experience. 

    Previously we have offered semester courses for grades 3 through 12.  New to the 21-22 School Year, we started offering courses for K-2 as well to accommodate those families still choosing to do remote learning at this time.  A student must be able to commit to 18-week courses in order to attend. A full-time student is required to spend at least 27.75 hours weekly engaged in learning activities. Grays Harbor Academy has specific enrollment deadlines that must be followed so that students can complete their courses.

    To earn credit in a course, a student must complete a course with a passing grade. Partial credit is not an option. This model is not designed for credit recovery. Students behind in credits should speak to a counselor at a traditional school that has more options for credit retrieval.

    When deciding if Grays Harbor Academy is a good fit, consider that online learning shifts much of the responsibility of learning to the student. To be successful, students must have the following skills and abilities:

    • Time-management skills are necessary to handle the responsibility of self-pacing.
    • Self-motivation skills are required to remain on track and engaged without constant guidance from a teacher.
    • Self-reflection skills enable students to understand why they are falling behind. (Am I not spending enough time on the content, or do I not understand what is being taught?).
    • Students must have the ability and willingness to learn independently since students may have little occasion to interact with peers.
    • Strong reading and writing skills are needed to comprehend content, synthesize information, follow directions, and more.
    • Students must recognize learning strategies that support success (note taking, self-questioning, etc.).
    • Effective communication skills are necessary for communicating with teachers to ask questions, receive support, and stay on pace.
    • Basic technical skills are required to navigate the course, web links, and additional content and learning tools.
    • Students who struggle on line will receive intervention plans which include the need to come into school in person for tutoring.

    Please direct any questions about Grays Harbor Academy to ghacademy@asd5.org.

    Best regards,

    Lisa Griebel
    Principal, Grays Harbor Academy

Last Modified on April 18, 2024