Welcome to Mrs. Furth’s Language Lab Class


    Dear Students and Parent/Guardian,
    I want to welcome you to my language lab/reading intervention class at Miller Junior High. My name is Holly Furth. This is my17th year of teaching for the Aberdeen School District. I love teaching reading intervention because I know how critical reading is for the future success of your child in school and in the workplace. I am excited about working with you and your child this year!

    Course Description
    The focus of the language lab is to help students who are reading below grade level learn strategies and concepts to become stronger readers. This year we will be working on building additional vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, and critical thinking skills using high-interest readings from Scholastic/Scope publications that are aligned with the Common Core English/Language Arts (ELA) Standards. Also, we will be working on grammar and writing skills using the online site called NoRedInk.

    Homework Expectations
    I expect all students to read outside of class for 45 minutes or more each day and qualifies for the reading that I expect for your ELA class. The benefit of practicing your reading will help you achieve at and above grade level skills and will result in exiting this course at the end of the trimester.

    Classroom Expectations
    I want my class to be a good place for all students to learn. I expect that my students should have learned acceptable school behaviors by now, so my rules are simple:

    Be prompt (don’t be late to class and try not to be absent)
    Be prepared (bring binder and library book, and work and participate in class activities, etc.)
    Be respectful (listen and not talk when I am teaching, be kind to others, etc.)
    Be responsible (respect self and school property, complete/turn in work, follow directions, etc.)
    My expectations are basically the same as my ELA/WSH Expectations if you have me for these classes.

    This class uses a pass or fail grading system.

    We work at reading better and learning more every day in class. Not being here means that your student is missing some important learning time with me and with the class.

    Necessary Supplies
    All materials are supplied by the teacher/school.

    Again, I look forward to a great year working with you and your child. If you ever have any comments, questions, or concerns, please contact me at (360) 538-2100 or email me at hfurth@asd5.org.

    Mrs. Holly Furth

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