• Recess Expectations

    Dear Student,


    Please review these expectations with your teacher and sign it if you wish to be able to go to recess.


    1. I will follow Recess Rules for all areas of the playground.
    2. I will follow directions the first time given.
    3. I will keep my hands and feet to myself at all times.
    4. I will use only school-approved equipment.
    5. I will use equipment properly.
    6. No teasing, put-downs, inappropriate language or harassment.
    7. When the bell rings all students need to line up quickly and quietly. At this time all play stops and playground equipment is immediately returned to the bag and classroom equipment is carried to the class line.
    8. I will stop, look and listen immediately when a whistle is heard.
    9. I will follow the game rules and all playground rules that I learned at Recess Rodeo on August 31, 2018.


    If I am not successful in keeping these expectations, I may lose my recess privileges or face other consequences.


    Student Signature: _______________________________


    Date August 31, 2018