Grade 7 Washington State History Syllabus


    Mrs. Furth   Rm. 108


    Dear Student and Parent/Guardian,

    Welcome to Miller Junior High and Mrs. Furth’s History class! I am looking forward to an exciting year and having your child in my class. In history, we have many exciting topics to explore. Seventh graders will learn about Washington State History all year! 

    Washington State History

    These three (3) trimesters of 7th-grade social studies are a high school graduation requirement for all students. This means that students who do not pass with at least a D in 7th grade will be required to repeat the course, which could delay their graduation. It is very important that students see me immediately if they fall behind with assignments. Additionally, excessive absences decrease the ability to master the material and pass the course.



     All materials are supplied by the teacher/school.



    By the end of the year in social studies your child will:

    • Critically read primary and secondary source documents.
    • Write informative and argumentative essays on historical topics.
    • Conduct research to form or evaluate a historical position.
    • Understand and apply knowledge of Washington State history, geography, government, and economics to make decisions and demonstrate thoughtful, participatory citizenship.
    • Complete a Washington State Classroom-Based Assessment (CBA)


    Classroom Behavior Expectations

     See Mrs. Furth’s Classroom Expectations for both ELA and WSH.



    In order to keep you up-to-date on your child’s development in my class, grades will be updated regularly and available on the Skyward Web Portal. If you need help accessing Skyward, please contact the office at 538-2100.


    Absent/Missing Work

    If your child has an absence from school, it is his/her responsibility to make up all work in a timely manner. Your child is responsible for seeing me before or after school to get any work missed or to receive extra help. If your child’s absence is for an extended period of time, please contact the school office with a message and I will prepare his/her absent work. Missing work can be made up until one week before the grading period ends.


    Grading Policy

    See Mrs. Furth’s grading policy on ELA Syllabus 


    Course Topics

    • Tools of the historian (note-taking, artifact analysis, map reading, research skills)
    • Geography and geology of Pacific Northwest (PNW)
    • Native peoples of PNW
    • Exploration and settlement
    • Washington territory and statehood
    • 20th Century Washington State
    • Washington state government/economy

    Signing the class syllabus signifies that you’ve read and understood the requirements for WA State History.  Please return for a grade in Skyward by Friday, September 6th.

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