• F-195 Full Budget Document (2018-2019):
    Every school district in the state prepares an F-195. It is the official school district budget adopted by the School Board and filed with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

    2018-2019 Budget Adopted by the School Board (July 2018)
    Projected Revenue:  $50.3 million
         Projected Expense:   $49.3 million

    REVISED 2018-2019 Budget Adopted by the School Board (October 2018)
         Projected Revenue:  $50.3 million
         Projected Expense:   $52.3 million

    F-195F -- Four-Year Budget Projection
    School districts also must demonstrate sustainability by preparing a four-year projection that is adopted by the School Board and filed with the state. Aberdeen's four-year projections under the new funding model show the need for reductions in order to maintain a balanced budget with adequate reserves.

    Four-Year Projection for Aberdeen (July 2018)

    Ending Fund Balance 18-19:  $3.77 million
    Ending Fund Balance 19-20:  $2.29 million
    Ending Fund Balance 20-21:  $277,861 million
    Ending Fund Balance 21-22:  ($1.97 million)

    REVISED Four-Year Budget Projection for Aberdeen (October 2018)

    Ending Fund Balance 18-19:  ($979,930)
    Ending Fund Balance 19-20:  ($4.57 million)
    Ending Fund Balance 20-21:  ($5.05 million)
    Ending Fund Balance 21-22:  ($5.25 million)