Native Education Program


    The Native Education Program is a federally-funded program that provides assistance to Native American/Alaskan Native students enrolled in the Aberdeen School District. The goal of the program is to help K-12 Native American/Alaskan Native student achieve academic success and pursue a higher education while inspiring Native American/Alaskan Native students to take pride in their traditions and culture. The program also aspires to increase awareness of Native American history, traditions and culture district wide.


    Any student who has Native American heritage can enroll in the program. The student can register as an enrolled member of a Native American/Alaskan Native tribe or band. A student can also register if their parent or grandparent is an enrolled member of Native American/Alaskan Native tribe or band.

    How to Enroll

    To register, a student must complete an ED 506 Indian Student Eligibility Certification Form signed and dated by a parent/guardian. A tribal membership enrollment number or evidence of membership must be provided for the student, parent, or grandparent to be enrolled in the program. A separate form is required for each Native American/Alaskan Native student eligible for the program. Once the form is complete, it is kept on file for the duration of the students enrollment at Aberdeen School District. The ED 506 form only needs to be completed once. Information may need to be added or updated. For a ED 506 for to download click here. If you believe you are missing information or need help completing the form, please contact me.

    Program Services Include:

    • Student/Family Support
    • Advocacy for Students
    • Academic Tracking
    • College/Career Information
    • Scholarship/Financial Aid Assistance
    • Educational Field Trips