• Although P. E. doesn't require "homework" as a rule, I encourage all of my students to be physically active at home and not just in P. E. class.
    If a student misses a class due to an illness, dentist/doctor appointment, school event, etc. they can do a "make up" for their absence. There are P. E. make up slips in both locker rooms that have directions on the back. In general, to make up P. E. a student must do 30 minutes of aerobic activity outside of the school day.  School sports games or practices can not be used to make up P. E. classes.  The student writes his or her name on the make up slip, describes the activity they did for the make up and the PARENT/GUARDIAN signs the make up slip--and then the student returns the signed slip to their P. E. teacher (the most frequently forgotten step). pe make up slips
    If you miss a Health Day you will be expected to make up the assignment that you missed. Assignments can be found on my staff page. Seventh and Eighth grade health classes will usually have a different assignment so make sure you are looking at the appropriate assignment for your grade level.
    If it is an assignment using the Health text book, copies may be checked out in the library and taken home for completion.