General Requirements

  • How to apply for enrollment
    Apply for Grays Harbor Academy by submitting an application.   Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. Enrollment is approved for one school year only. The parent or guardian must submit a new request each year before the enrollment deadline. Students who successfully complete their first semester are eligible to continue for a second semester. A staff member will email parents/guardians before the end of term to confirm the student’s re-enrollment.

    Non-resident students must submit a “Choice Form”
    Students who live outside the geographical boundaries of the Aberdeen School District must complete a choice transfer request. The transfer request form should be submitted to the superintendent’s office in the student’s resident school district. The resident district will initiate the transfer in the statewide Choice Transfer System (CTS). The parent or guardian will receive email notifications when the transfer is requested by the resident district and when it is accepted by Aberdeen. Note: Non-resident students cannot be enrolled until the resident district has executed the release and the Aberdeen School District has agreed to accept the transfer.

    Official transcript required for high school students
    Students seeking to enroll as a sophomore, junior, or senior (grade 10, 11, or 12) must provide an official transcript from the last school attended. A transcript is also necessary if a student seeks to enroll as a freshman (grade 9) and has earned high school credits. The transcript must be submitted along with the enrollment request form, and enrollment will not be considered until the official transcript has been received. Please note: a school may withhold an official transcript until a student’s outstanding fines are paid or materials are returned in satisfactory condition. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted.

    Registration forms for new and former students
    A school enrollment form must be completed for any student enrolling in Grays Harbor Academy. Students enrolling in the Aberdeen School District for the first time, or former Aberdeen students who have been withdrawn for 30 days or more, will need to complete a full registration packet. Once the student is accepted, electronic registration form(s) will be emailed to the parent or guardian to be filled out and signed via DocuSign.


Last Modified on August 24, 2023