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    Mr. Williamson
    Homeroom: Room 111
    Welcome to my 8th Gr. Science page. Parents can use this page as a tool to stay informed, contact me and check for important announcements. For my students, this page will serve as the "nerve center" for most everything we do with the laptops during the virus school closure.

    COVID-19 School Closure Info.


    Check this page first thing every Monday morning to see what your work will be for the week. Before the closure, we'd been working with waves. Now, we will shift to Earth Science for the next few weeks. 

     Weekly Learning Objectives

    april 13


    What is the best way to talk to each other?

    School email is the way to go. I'll get messages to you and reply to your questions this way. I'll be available to talk Mon-Thurs 8AM-3PM. Tuesdays will be a virtual meeting during your regularly scheduled class time for us to talk live! Go to Google Classroom for virtual meeting directions. Forget your class meeting time? Here you go.......


    The plan with Tuesday virtual meetings is to begin approx 5 min after the start of class and end no later than 5 min before the end of class. 

    What is my work for the week?

    Go to your class' Google Classroom page for details. Updated pages will be available each Monday morning by 8AM

     What if I don't have on-line access at home?

    If you don't have access to our online content, you can pick up paper work packets at any of the district food drop sites daily. New work packets will be available each Monday.