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    Mr. Williamson
    Homeroom: Room 111
    Welcome to my 7th Gr. Science page. Parents and students can use this page as a tool for basic information, to contact me and check for important announcements. I encourage you to visit my Canvas page for more in-depth info about the class. 
    Grades will be officially kept in Skyward. Parents can create an account through the office while students can access through their student ID & password. Both online and in-class paperwork will be scored through Skyward. If you want the most current, accurate picture of the student's grade, use Skyward. Canvas also has a grades feature but, for me, paints an incomplete picture because not all of my work is given through Canvas. Everything I assign is scored through Skyward.
    Student work
    My classwork will be given 2 ways; in-class on paper and online through Canvas. The nature of the assignment will determine which way to deliver (lab work -vs- written work, for example).
    Daily and weekly schedules
    These can be found on my Canvas page along with important class info, links and announcements.