• Do You Want to Be a Link Leader?

    Link Crew is now accepting applications through May 3, 2019

    for the 2019 -2020 school year.   

    Click here to apply:

    2019-2020 Link Crew Application

    Need more information?

    Read below or see Ms. Ramsey in RM 135.


    In order to apply you must be a Junior or Senior next year. We recommend you consider the following before you apply:

    * You should be comfortable talking with people you don't know.

    * You should be comfortable playing games or be silly.

    * Being a Link Leader could be uncomfortable if you are shy...but it could also be a good way to break out of your shell.

    * Link Crew is a big commitment. You will spend time outside of school occassionally and will be in a Link Crew Advisory class.

    * You will deal with freshman who don't want to participate but you'll have to find ways to reach them.  

    * This can be challenging.

    * Link Crew is a year-long commitment, with two training days and the orientation taking place the week before school starts.


    What is Link Crew?

    Link Crew is a freshman orientation and school climate program. Our goal is to help every student feel connected to school so they can be successful and to spread HOPE (Help other people every day).


    What Do Link Leaders Do?

    * Lead their small “crew” of freshman in fun activities on orientation day.

    * Keep connected with their crew members throughout the year.

    * Teach fun lessons in Freshman advisory classes.

    * Host Link Crew social events: movie nights, game days, etc.

    * Help with the 8th grade high school visit.

    * Give school tours and help new students get connected.


Last Modified on April 18, 2019