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    Thank you for considering Harbor Junior Senior High School as one of your educational opportunities. Picking the right school or program is one of the most important decisions a student and family make. In this day and age, you have more than one educational pathway to finishing high school.
    We are certainly proud of the strides we have made as a school, and we offer a lot for a little school. This section of the web page guides you through the application process to Harbor Junior Senior High. We enroll throughout the year, usually closing enrollment the first part of May. If your student is on an IEP for special education, there is an IEP team process to determine if Harbor Junior Senior High is the right placement for your student's educational goals. Harbor Junior Senior High School is open to Aberdeen students Grade 7-12.  Out of district students may apply for "choice enrollment" into our district and will be considered based on choice enrollment guidelines.
    What are the expectations to attend Harbor Junior Senior High School?